Our Investment Approach

When looking into your future you want someone who can be a partner with you in making your plans a reality. A partner you can trust. A partner in that future. That’s what Filomeno Wealth Management (FWM) is all about.

FWM is an independent Registered Investment Adviser Our clients are individuals and families looking for advisors who can integrate their investment, tax, retirement and estate planning needs

We are partners you can trust because:

  • We are fiduciaries, which means we have a legal responsibility to put the interests of our clients first.
  • We are objective advisers because we are paid for our advice only. We are not compensated for using a particular product or service.
  • We regard an ethical approach to business as the only way to do business.
  • We treat each client as unique.
  • Our professional advisors collectively have over 100 years of servicing the tax and financial needs of our clients.

We are partners in your future because:

  • We are an interdisciplinary group of experienced, credentialed, and educated financial advisers.
  • We bring substantive backgrounds in investment management, financial planning, income tax and estate planning to the work we do.
  • Our entrepreneurial culture attracts advisers with a keen interest in lifelong professional growth and achievement.
  • Our firm is dedicated to attracting, hiring and retaining talented and energetic financial professionals and staff.
  • We are committed to delivering outstanding client service.
  • We are part of one of the region’s most well-established and respected certified public accounting firms, Filomeno & Company, P.C.
  • We are team players who routinely work with your other advisors.
  • We believe sharing our knowledge with our clients is a vital part of our role in helping them realize their futures.